Do Something Cool with COOLBEAN!

Meet Coolbean the Soybean! He’s a super bean, but he has something very important in common with kids everywhere. He needs the support and knowledge of his family and friends—including an awesome farmer and some smart scientists—to grow up.

  • Find out how Coolbean became so special with the help of scientists. Learn how to think like a scientist too!
  • Meet Haila, a science-smart, sustainable farmer, and learn about ways to farm that help the environment.
  • Learn how plants make their own food through photosynthesis, and what on earth are rhizobia!
  • Watch how Aliah, the agronomist, keeps Coolbean safe from his scary enemies.
  • Follow Coolbean’s life cycle, from being planted in a cozy bed of healthy soil, to developing flowers and pods, to a happy harvest.
  • See why soybeans are special beans all over the world, feeding billions of people and used for making many other products, from crayons to cars!
  • ...all in alignment with common core standards for reading and science. Aimed at Grades 3–5, but lovable by all ages.


coolbean interactive epubNew Interactive Epub Available!

Interactive features include complete voice-over read-along text, simple animation, videos of planting and harvesting equipment, and a review quiz.

Check your device for compatibility with the epub3 format, which is supported on iBooks and some Android readers. Certain Android readers and Kindle devices do not yet support epub3 interactive features.

Available from ASA, CSSA, SSSA


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Coolbean with book

Teachers, do something cool with your class!

Watch Me Sprout!

In a hands-on inquiry activity, students observe and document the first two stages in the life cycle of a soybean plant: germination and the development of a seedling.

How Many Beans in a Pod?

Using a random sample of edamame, students will collect, present, and interpret data to determine the number of beans a soybean pod is likely to contain.

Check out Coolbean's TV appearance with Alice in Dairyland.


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COOLBEAN the Soybean is published by the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of Americaand Soil Science Society of America, with generous support from the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board.

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